The factual translation of the word fitness – “fitness”, “suitability” and “correspondence”. Indeed, to meet quietly furious while of everyday life, the joy of each day we live, despite any stressful situation – you need to be physically and mentally prepared person. Due to increased fitness vitality, improves mood and health. In addition, fitness slow the aging process, according to experts, activate hormone of “happiness”. After training a person feels pleasure.
Today you need to be healthy and fitness can help you not only create a beautiful shape, but also to promote your health. The concept of fitness includes four components: first – line physical, sports, and the second – a balanced diet, the third – mental training, concentration, fourth – fitness as relaxation. These links are equally important for a person. You need a comprehensive approach – it is a basic principle of our fitness center.
Sports club “Sophia” – a team of professionals who love and appreciate their work. Today fitness – is a lifestyle. Make your choice for success, health, harmony and beauty

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