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Massage Impacts you body with various physiological effects.

Feelings during and after the massage, the correct choice of massage techniques and methods of their use, dosage, duration expressed in a sense of pleasant warmth throughout the body, improving health and increasing overall tone.
Incorrect way of using massage may cause badly on your body, feelings of weakness and other general and local adverse reactions. Such phenomena are often observed in overdose massage movements even in healthy people, but especially in the elderly age, which have increased tissue sensitivity.
When massaging skin we impact on all its layers from skin vessels and muscles, the sweat and sebaceous glands and affects the central nervous system, which is inextricably linked to skin.

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Massage has various physiological effects on the skin:

  • It clean it from horny scales that come out of the epidermis, and from others foreign particles (dust, etc.), trapped in skin pores and bacteria that usually stay on the skin surface.
  • Improves the secretory function of sweat and sebaceous glands and their excretory clearing
    holes on the secret.
  • Activated lymph and blood circulation of the skin, eliminating the impact of venous stasis, reinforced
    blood supply to the skin
  • Improves its power, resulting in a pale, flabby, dry skin, its velvety, significantly increases its resistance to mechanical and thermal impacts.
  • Increases the skin and muscle tone, making skin smooth, dense and elastic.
  • Improves local and general exchange because the skin is involved in all metabolic
    processes in the body