Finnish sauna

Sauna – Traditional Finnish sauna – known almost everywhere. Finnish sauna – peaceful place, where bad thoughts are coming out of your head and out of your body. "The anger dissipates steam " – say the Finns. A
dry steam – this is what differs the Russian sauna and Turkish bath.

Steam refreshes the body and soothes the soul. Wood, highlighting useful flavors enhances the therapeutic effect of sauna on human body.

The main preventive factor in the sauna that it is stably warm. And, unlike other thermal treatments, the heat in the sauna has a complex impact, all organs and body systems.

Staying in the bath or sauna to warm up not only allows to heat your upper layers of the skin but internal organs. To lead and increase blood flow and intense withdrawal of metabolic products (toxins) from the body.
Local authorities are washed with fresh, oxygen-rich, blood, significantly improves performance. Sauna has
beneficial effect on the muscle system. Deep heating effect helps to make your muscles feel relaxed, which is
everyday life are in constant tension. This is especially true for the back muscles located near the waist and
spine. Muscle tension in these areas often prevents the normal circulation, which negatively affects the on
intervertebral discs. And to ensuring normal blood circulation can reduce the risk of osteoarthritis and retain their elasticity.

And in the end, attending sauna will always keep you in a good mood!

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